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what are you paying for when buying a puppy?

ANKC (Australian National Kennel Club) breeder:

*Imports (my size breed) $9 -$15,000 for buying, vet, quarantine, shipping etc..

*Frozen Semen, chilled semen: up to $5000 (depending on what dog and where from)

*Health testing parents ($ can be anything, depending what tests, vary breed to breed)

*Health testing pups ($50 - $100 per pup)

*DogsVic (or state body) registration $35 - $55 per pup (depending on State / Ltd or Full) (Plus our yearly registration and kennel prefix rego: $160)

* Dogs titled to Ch throughout pedigree, meaning they fit what is required of them


*Outside Studs (cost of a pup, plus flight to dog if needed, progesterone testing x ?)

*Premium food for Bitch and pups

*Time..LOTS of it, to raise, handle, love, socialise pups.

*A dog that will grow into what it actually is.

* Campaigning in the show ring to Australian Champion Title 

 ANKC PEDIGREE PUPS: $2000-$6000


Breeder (possibly registered with a pet breeders registry, such as but not limited too: MDBA, ACR, AAPDB) :

*A flashy website, with pretty photos of cute puppies


*Awesome marketing 




*All/Most litters are sired by the same sire, of same breed or completely different breed (x breeding)


*Possibly clear by parentage for two disorders...but haven’t bothered to test for the other relevant disorders in the two breeds used. (and yes there are generally tests for most breeds)


*Unknown heritage, or if known are usually bought as 'family pets' from breeders who spend years researching pedigrees.  


*Photocopied or printed 'pedigrees'

* Little or no socialisation

*Unknown genetic issues, health issues

*Colours flagged as rare but are genetically impossible, there for they are not telling the full truth to the breeding.

OTHER BREEDER PUPS: $2500 - $10000 --(hell you could import a dog for that!)
















Sadly the phenomenon of "Hybrid Vigour" in 'designer dogs' is a marketing ploy used very very well.  

Yes, Purebreds get ill, have faults, need vets too -  JUST like x bred dogs do!...but at least we TRY to do our very best to breed a healthy, sound and long living pet.  If you are paying that much for an animal, make sure relevant health testing is done on the parents for the breeds involved.

Anything bred on a large scale...I know where I would prefer my puppy raised...not in a building with numerous other "maternity areas"  (These are STILL Puppy Farms, only they adere to all the rules and regulations and are clean and fairly well maintained.  However, pups do not get the one on one and normal home situation environment like they do with a small scale breeder.

 Breeding is NOT for profit.  We do it because we love our breed, our hobby, our passion.

So before you try to 'negotiate' price with a registered, ethical breeder, please think about the time, effort, love and money we put into OUR breeding to do the very best we can.


what would you rather own?

Purebred is becoming the rare breed now!!

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