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We only take 4 down on a wait list until pups arrive and we know if we have more to offer. 


Puppies are lovingly nurtured from birth, starting in my bedroom before moving to the kitchen after two weeks.  Here they are then exposed to the general Kaos that is our lives, my children and lots of noise and fuss. 

They are handled from birth by myself and my children and when older and playing outside the neighbours children and my older dogs.  We are now excited to begin our pups from birth with "PUPPY CULTURE" 

"Puppy Culture: The Powerful First 12 Weeks That Can Shape Your Puppy's Future,"


All puppies leave here vaccinated, microchiped and shunt tested. (I travel to have my shunt testing done at Werribee University Veterinary Hospital.)   They are registered with Dogs Victoria (ANKC) Ltd register and come with puppy show-bag and booklet of paperwork and information.  


Should the need arise, I will ALWAYS take back a pup or dog that I have bred. For Life.


 I have a FB page people are welcome to join or read (Aimfor Cairn Terriers)

Although I breed to show my own dogs, I care very much about the dogs that leave here to become much loved pets.  Them being happy and healthy is very important to me.

When applying for a puppy:


Be as informative as possible in emails as to how you know the breed and why you are interested in a pup.  Also helpful are family member details (i.e. kids, dogs, other pets) and living situation briefly.  This just helps me understand more about your situation and if I can help with a pup to fit into your lifestyle.

When I take details for new owners I do take a deposit which comes of final cost of pup (only refundable should I not be able to send home a pup with you, not if you change your mind as I do turn others away after deposits are taken.) I do not place pups on colour and generally try to match personalities to their 'forever home' 

I encourage a visit at 6 weeks to meet the gang at its cutest! Pups are Microchipped/Vaccinated and Shunt Tested. (All my Shunt Testing is done at Werribee University Vet Hospital.)  

 Once the form has been filled out I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Interested in a Puppy or Dog?

Thanks for submitting!


Cairn Terriers and Sealyham Terriers are NOT designer breeds...they are a very old, well established, sturdy and health breed that has been around for hundreds of years.  

Price of Cairn Terriers

The price of the Cairn has risen to reflect all the hard work we as breeders do to ensure your pet is sound, healthy, and well breed. 


Cairn Puppies are not easy to get.  Australia has a nice handful of breeders and we all take waiting lists.  Occasionally you will find a pup advertised, but if you are after one, get on that list!

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