Current Show Team



Ch Alclare Devil Inside at Aimfor

Ch Aimfor My Lil Rockerbilly X Howlkin Penny Arcade

Hutch now rising two is coming into his big wins.  Shown sparingly he has always been in the winners circle, starting with Baby of breed and of day at the Royal Melbourne Show. He is continently shortlisted by FCI and International judges and winning Groups 1sts at large shows.  Group 2 2018 at Perth Royal under a Finnish Cairn Breeder.



Aimfor Ace Badger Dispatcher

Ch Forlegd XD Tow Mater (IMP SWE X Ch Preseli Piece De Resistence

Percy was created using the wonderful dogs of Forlegd and Presali for my first litter.  Amazing topline, good bone and a gait to gush over.  Im very excited about this young dog, getting his first RUBIG (Group 2nd) at just 6mths by Terrier Specialist, Mr Simon Mills (NSW) His Second RUIG @ 8 Months!



Aimfor AceovHearts At BluAire

Ch Forelegd XD Tow Mater (IMP SWE) x Ch Presali Piece De Resistance

Bianca has always been the 'naughty one' she is maturing nicely and will title just as fast as her brother..while trying to beat him up at the same time..reach, drive..teeth..its all there!  Bianca also has already had two classes in show!



Aimfor Ima Doll

Ch Aimfor Fire Starrta X Aimfor Fancy Voodoo Doll

Darby is owned and campaigned by Iris and Harry Glynn in Sth Australia. Already with baby group wins to her credit this is a little lady to look out for..travelling along super well with some RUIG and Group 1st to her name!



Aimfor Dont Call Me Doll

Ch Aimfor Fire Starrta X Aimfor Fancy Voodoo Doll

Leha had two shows in Baby and then COVID happened..Hope to get her out mid 2021~



Ch Preseli Piece De Resistance

Am Ch Dunnville Dudley Do rite (ImpUSA) X Ch Pennyflower Wispering Hope

After a long long wait I have my Sealyham! Wha a joy! Im so excited to work with other breeders in bringing this delightful breed back into numbers within Australia!  Sybil titled with mostly 7-10 point BOB, not just 6 pointers for this special girl.  Amazing movement and sass to go!


Aimfor Eggstarlent

Aimfor AJ StarLord X Silberschon Loch Ma Ruibhe