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- By Appoinment Only

 Here at Aimfor we can accomodate Terrier/All Breeds grooming needs.  Hand Stripping by appointment only.  Any Terrier or Wire Coated breed.  

I run a grooming studio from home.

Other breeds also catered for!

Any wire coated breed can be handstripped.
It can be a long and costly process which is why many comercial groomers do not do it.  
Dogs that visit here to be Handstripped are generally dropped off between 9am and 10am and left for the day, unless phoned earlier. 
I CAN bath dogs as well, but dont like to do it before or after the stripping process as it can irritate.
Nails and teeth scaling can also be done. (Please discuss this at drop off time.)
Each dog is an individual price beginning at $150. (depending on degree of difficulty, length of time and behaviour of the dog.)
Most Common Breeds: Cairn, Border, Westie, Scottish Terrier, Welsh, Lakeland, Irish, Airedale,
and Yes I have now even stripped an Irish Wolfhound! 
Please feel free to phone me for a chat.  
Amy: 0402009770 
Note: Photos above are not my own and thankyou to the websites I have obtained them from.  If anyone is unhappy please email me and I will take them down.  


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