The Sealyham Terrier 

The Sealyham Terrier is a rare Welsh breed of small to medium-sized terrier that originated in Wales as a working dog. It is principally a white-bodied, rough-coated breed, developed in the mid to late 19th century by Captain John Edwardes at Sealyham House, Pembrokeshire.

  •  Temperament:Alert, Outgoing, Sense Of Humour

  • Height: 10.5 inches

  • Weight: 11kg-13kg (male), slightly less (females)

  • Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

  • Group: Terrier Group 

Sealys are not big enough to be considered medium-sized dogs, but they stand among the strongest and most substantial of what we think of as small dogs.

A typical Sealy is well-muscled, built low to ground, and moves easily with long, determined strides. The weatherproof coat is predominantly white, and a long, broad head is furnished with lavish facial hair.

Despite their rep as the bruiser among short-legged terriers, Sealys are cute, funny, affectionate, outgoing, and trainable, if a bit stubborn. Their alertness and a big-dog bark make Sealys excellent watchdogs. Blessed with an adaptable nature, Sealys are amenable to city dwelling or country life. - 


Percy (AIMFOR ACE BADGER DISPATCHER) and Bianca (AIMFOR ACE OFHEARTS AT BLUAIRE) will be staying for further evaluation and hopefully the show ring in 2021!  We have some plans in the making for 2021, hopefully a big year for the Sealyham.
*JUNE 2021 Percy is an Australian Ch!

Aimfor enjoys working together with other kennels here and overseas to keep this breed alive and well!

So excited for what it may bring! 

Preseli Piece De Resistance - "Sybil"

Sybil joined Aimfor in January 2019 after a 5 year wait.  We have had some fun already, travelling to most Royals this year to get this rare breed out and about.  She had a lovely Baby in Group win under a Terrier Specialist whom had the breed in the past.  Aimfor is excited to be part of breeders bringing this sweet goofball of a Terrier back.  Shown sparingly apart from big shows she is a few points shy of her Aus title going into lockdown for the COVID-19.


Ch Forlegd XDTow Mater (IMP SWE)

Freddie was owned and was imported from Sweden from the famous Forlegd Kennels in Sweden by Phil Williams.  He has come to Aimfor for a 12 month visit.  Arriving just before lockdown I have been working with his coat to be able to get him back in the ring hopefully before he returns home.  As a competitive groomer this is a wonderful learning experience for myself.  Loving having this snuggly goofball around..he knows how to give the best cuddles! We hope to have a litter on later in 2020 incorporating this fantastic pedigree into the breeding of Miss Sybil.  Freddie has his Australian title already.  We appreciate the the trust Freddies owner has in us at Aimfor.  
Freddie now is owned and resides permanently with us. He spends a lot of his time asleep on the bed or following his 'daddy' Andrew around. We still have some semen frozen to use in the future.


Ch Aimfor Ace Badger Dispatcher

ChForlegd XD Tow Mater X Ch Preseli Piece De Resistance


Aimfor AceofHearts At Bluaire

Ch Forlegd XD Tow Mater X Ch Preseli Piece De Resistance