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Aimfor Boy From Aus (Anssi)

Exported to Finland




Aimfor Kennels are made from many lines.  We have English, Scandanavian, American and old Australian lines.  

We use a mixture of linebreeding and outcrossing.  All litters are planned months to years in advance.  Big thank you to kennels Towsytyke, Kalan, Koterana, Lochrin and Emeraldcity for allowing me to use dogs from your breeding programs.


Importing is expensive and takes a very long time.  From researching pedigrees, liaising with breeders, and waiting for puppy to get old enough for vaccinations and blood tests for all the paperwork. 

I have imported 2 Cairns and my first Sealyham (2022). I don't have a lot of money and it can take me up to 3 years to save money for an import.


It can take a period of over a year or longer from go to whoa!    It is lovely talking to other breeders overseas and learning more about the breed.  FB is a fabulous new tool for this over the last few years, its made researching easier and 'meeting' other breeders easy too. 

In 2022, I also ventured to the USA to Montgomery Cluster of Shows and Terrier Specialty, to meet breeders and talk dogs!  It was so informative and wonderful.


I am happy to export.  I send only my very best overseas for show and breeding homes.  Period.  Even if it is my pick.  

Exported to Finland...2013

Aimfor Aussi Boy (Annti)  

Exported to Finland 2013

Congrats Anssi and Tarja on the first Title Lithuanian Jr Champion!   



I do have many a pet that head across Australia as well, I have a couple in WA, SA, NSW and TAS.


Flying puppies is no drama and I have a transport guy I work with.  I will only send pups in the late afternoon evening though and late at night in Summer to avoid heat stress.  I send the puppy pack, portfolio and paperwork the week before so it is there before pup arrives.  Pups are used to crates as well before travel

Imported to Aimfor
From Switzerland and Sweden

Ch Trumpingtons Zephyr 

Imported from Switzerland from

Trumpington Kennels.  THANK YOU Monika Knopfli!


Tragically Skippy (aka Kip) was taken from us

by a King Brown Snake a couple of years ago.  

He has left his lasting influence and pedigree through

his offspring he produced.

Ch. Wittrock Wild Crazy Rock Star


"Loke" is now an Aus Ch. 

Loke is from Wittrock Kennels in Sweden,


Loke is now a retired bed dog being spoiled

with his mama and Collie brothers and sisters!

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