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My Foundation and Past Aimfor Show Team Members

Grand Champion Catraz Symply A Star


Tigga is the foundation of our kennel.  She introduced me to the breed and although she was rather an aloof girl she taught me a lot about Cairn Terriers...except that I didn’t realise that cairns were not supposed to be aloof and snobby like she was...unless you had food!!


She had her faults, but was a lovely example of the breed and did me proud in the ring, gaining her Grand Champion title with ease.  She would have qualified for her supreme title as she has had more than 10 Best in group wins.


She retired to live with 'her Bob' in a life of spoiled luxury, riding on his motor scooter when she is tired and being taken to dog parks and snoozing in her own comfy bed with no young dogs to bother her!


She has left a wonderful legacy here and Aimfor and I thank her <3


She retired with her Bob, before he sadly passed away, dear Shirly (left) aquired her and spent a good six months searching for me!!  I was so happy and excited!!  Photo is of our first meeting!!!

Ch Aimfor Symply Startin Somthing (Bug/LadyBug)


Bug is a dear girl, lovely and small with a beautiful head.  I decided to retire her to her very own home and person after she achieved her title.  She has done some lovely winning, but is a very sweet (outgoing) thinking girl who I decided would prefer a one on one situation.


 Her new mum, Helen, tells me it is like she has been there forever!!  She goes out and about and has social visits with all her doggy friends and is well loved.  


Bug has completed one maternity journey so I can keep her lovely head/size and temprement in my lines.  Best of all SHE IS HAPPY!

2021, just hear Miss Bug has passed onto Rainbow bridge, she will be very missed <3

Aimfor Baby Ima Star (Lola)

Lola loved the showring as a baby, then as she grew just didnt enjoy it anymore, so she retired to live with Maggie (a girl I bred as well) as thier owners are sisters!


She had some big wins including Baby In Group at Brisbane Royal and 1st in a Large Baby Sweepstakes also at Brisbane Royal.  She came back here for one litter.

Aimfor Symply A Surprise (Chloe)

Chloe is the other daughter of my dear Skippy and her lines are important.


She lives with her family and gets out and about and comes back regually for babysiting.

Chloes produced Bug and Hugo.

Chloe recently passed over Rainbow Bridge <3 She is be missed by her family greatly.

Ch Aimfor Star Attraction (Leeloo)


Leeloo has been a great producer as well as show dog.  Sassy is her daughter.  


She amassed many points and was well over halfway to her grand when the best forever home came along.  


She lives with my friend Megs, Nan in Perth so I call her Nans Leeloo!

Aimfor Spankee Doodle Dandie

Spankee has been retired to the beautiful Gold Coast.  He adores his new Mum and Dad and loves to help Dad fish.
The fishermen know him on Stradbroke island as he loves to check out what the have for him!
He was so close to gaining his title, but his dream home came along.  Loke and he did NOT get along!

Some more retired Aimfor dogs that have made my kennel over the years.
Loke (IMP SWE)
Skippy (IMP SWISS)
Dexter and Hef

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